Security Protection Officers

Performing access control to ensure only authorised persons enter, patrolling the grounds to ensure nothing is out of the ordinary, managing traffic control on the premises, these roles undertaken by protection officers play an important role in helping to keep premises safe.This is why at WIRA, we are focussed on delivering security protection service that is competent and reliable because the security of your premises is as strong as your weakest link.

Well-trained Security Officers
Training is an integral component of our operation as it makes a significant difference to the competency of our officers. Our officers are trained by qualified security instructors from the where they are grounded in the knowledge and skills of access control and patrolling, fire fighting and first aid, protecting and preserving evidence as well as bomb threat management.

Experienced and Competent
Whether it is government buildings or office complexes, retail malls or industrial facilities, warehouses or condominiums, we have the experience and competency to keep your premises safe. Leveraging on our experience of over 33 years in protecting high security facilities and premises, we bring our expertise to assist you in the protection of your assets.

Our officers’ competency includes:
Trained in customer service to provide a positive first point of contact for your visitors. Whether it is in the exchange of identification for a visitor’s pass or channeling traffic at entry points, our officers deliver a positive service experience right from the beginning.

Balancing customer service with security, our officers authenticate the identity of visitors and verify the contents brought in and in so doing, keep criminal elements at bay.

Competent in managing security command centres, our officers keep a close watch over all the access points in your building as well as monitor the fire alarm to safeguard your premises against security threats, and the risk of burglary and fire.

Systematic approach
As an ISO certified organisation, WIRA security officers operate according to well-defined procedures to deliver a consistent standard of performance. Premises under our protection are carefully documented with their specific security requirements highlighted to deliver a customised service that meets expectations.

We view our relationship with our customers as long-term partnerships. We work hand-in-hand as a team, meeting regularly to identify ways to enhance security on your premises and empower our officers to serve and protect your interests.

Dedicated operation managers who are trained in advance security management as well as fire and safety management are active in your account to provide responsive and personalised attention. In addition, our centralised Integrated Operation Centre which runs around-the-clock provide incident management support when the need arises.

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