Nepalese Officers

When you need security for yourself, business or your home, you want to feel confident that protection is top priorityAn effective operational network with regard to security job needs a team of motivated highly professional employees with a high degree of security sense i.e reliability, sincerity and serving with dedication to the customers.

Highly qualified Nepalese Guards are the best option in security field by all clients to be selected as best guards in the market as protection and honour are embedded into their values

Our Nepalese guards work closely with all of our customers, we ensure that we are providing excellent security guarding services that meets your needs. Our manned guards are on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as well as our security guards and specialist security officers and are ready to respond immediately to any security issue at your property be it residential or commercial.

At WIRA Security Services, the guards will be there for you regardless of what security issue you have, be it a false alarm, misplaced property keys or any other unforeseen circumstances.