Armed Guards

With an established track record , our experience in protecting high security facilities and premises dates back to 1980 when we were established. Today, with over 33 years of operational experience, WIRA is the most established with the reputation of setting the standard for security excellence.


As an ISO-certified organisation, our officers operate according to well-defined standards and procedures to consistently uphold high standards of excellence in their performance. Guided by standard operating procedures that are regularly reviewed for currency, our officers operate according to tested procedures to ensure that your security is never taken for granted.

Stringent Selection
Armed security guards must go through an exhaustive screening process before and during training. Prior to training, the applicant must submit to a thorough background check including family background, criminal records, medical and health screening as well as credit records.

Scope of Services
Static Security Keeping watch over the high security premises and facilities as well as business magnates and prominent personalities, we maintain constant vigilance and alertness to deter, deny and detect the potential activities of criminals.

Mobile Escort

For outsized vehicles travelling on public roads, our outrider escort service ensures the drivers arrive at their destinations without incidents and at the same time, we protect the safety of other road users.

Armed Response

Round-the-clock, our mobile armed response teams are on the alert to respond to any security incidents when your alarm system is triggered. Our service serves as a first-line of response in an intrusion and gives you the assurance that the situation is receiving prompt attention while the Authorities are being alerted.

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