Central Monitoring Services

WIRA offers round-the-clock vigilant surveillance of your security and fire alarm systems. This guarantees swift response when the safety or security of persons or property is under threat.

Manned by a team of attentive and disciplined officers, our central alarm monitoring facility at WIRA’s Integrated Operations Centre receives electronic signals via the telecommunication network when alarms are triggered. Our officers systematically validate the situation before escalating it for appropriate action.

In the event when a burglar alarm is received by WIRA, we will contact the Responsible Officer (RO) to verify the cause of the alarm activation. Should we receive a panic/duress alarm, WIRA will activate the local Authorities.

Alternatively, WIRA provides an option for Quick Response Service. Depending on your security needs and the level of risk, you can choose the type of response that works best for you. If you subscribe to our armed response service, we will provide the first-line response for both burglar and panic alarms.