Our Methodology

We believe that our security is as strong as the weakest link. For this reason, we adopt a holistic approach where we put MAN, MACHINE and METHOD to work together in synergy, providing well-designed security plans and organised processes.



1. MAN – An organisation is only as strong as its people are. This is why we are committed to develop a highly engaged workforce that is passionate about what we do. Through training, motivation and empowerment, we unleash the potential of our people to deliver a superior quality of service that in turn generates a higher standard of satisfaction for our customers.
2. MACHINE – Technology changes the way we work. Besides boosting efficiency and empowering us to be even more responsive in meeting our customer’s needs, it also enhances the quality of the security solutions we offer.
3. METHOD – Experience and competency are key components to implementing effective security solutions successfully. With over 47 years of experience in protecting lives and assets, coupled with proven methods and established procedures, we have the operational expertise to protect our customers’ asset with confidence.

As the trusted name in security, our role is to help you ensure that your security measures and systems are relevant in our constantly changing security environment. We begin with a risk assessment to understand the plethora of security threats that you are confronted with in your daily operations. Having determined the risk exposure, we then formulate risk management or treatment of specific risks where measures may include physical barriers, manpower security, security procedures and electronic security systems.